In A Winter Accident? Let Our Body Shop Get You Looking Good As New

Accidents happen, especially in the winter when snow and ice are covering the ground. If you unfortunately are involved in one of these events and your vehicle's body has been damaged, don't worry, our body shop can get you back on the road in no time.

Whether the damage be in the front, on the side, or in the rear, let our certified technicians take a closer look and see how they can fix it. They will inspect the inside and outside of your repair, provide you with a fair estimate, and give you an honest time frame. Once they have worked their magic, your vehicle will be looking almost new.

How Can You Avoid A Winter Accident In The First Place?

Although we are here to help you if you happen to need a body repair, we'd honestly prefer it if you didn't get into an accident in the first place, and you will too. Here are a few ways to avoid a winter accident.

  • Prepare Your Vehicle For The Winter Weather

    If your area tends to get a lot of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, you should winterize your vehicle before the cool weather starts. This means changing your tires over to winters tires, checking to make sure your fluids are full and the right consistency, making sure to keep your fuel above a quarter of a tank, and cleaning off your car properly if it has snowed or frozen over.

  • Drive According To The Conditions

    The best way to avoid an accident is to know your driving skill and capability of your vehicle. If you have summer tires and there is a foot of snow on the ground, it's probably not best for you to venture out. If you aren't comfortable with driving when it's heavily snowing out, then stop and wait until it's not as heavy. You should also always follow the speed limit and make sure to stay focused on the road before you.

If you'd like to discuss your body shop repair or would like to have your winter tires replaced or installed, feel free to contact us, here at Hamilton Nissan or stop by our Hagerstown, MD, dealership, located right down the road from Waynesboro PA, Chambersburg PA, Frederick MD, Martinsburg WV, and Winchester VA.

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