Where is the new Nissan Titan made?

Nowadays, we care more about our products comes from than ever before. The "Eat local, shop small businesses" movement has made people more and more aware of where their food comes from and what businesses are part of their local community. Now, here at Hamilton Nissan, we've proudly been the local resource for all things Nissan to the Hagerstown, MD area for quite some time now. As such, we've often fielded questions like "Where do Nissan trucks come from?" And we can happily report that if you're looking for the source of iconic models like the new Nissan Titan, you won't have t look far because they're made right here in America.

While other brands are stepping down their production in the U.S.A. and outsourcing their truck production, Nissan is rededicating itself to its truck manufacturing industry in America. In fact, trucks like the Nissan Titan are manufactured right down in Canton, Mississippi. Of course, it's no surprise that Nissan chose to build the Nissan Titan here in the U.S., as this pickup truck is practically purpose-built for the needs of American drivers. Boasting ample payload capacity, plenty of towing power, and a cabin that's comfortably spacious yet still accented with the latest in Nissan tech, the Nissan Titan excels at everything from hauling heavy loads at the job site to towing boats and camping trailers for a relaxing weekend away.

Of course, there are so many more reasons to choose the Nissan Titan these days than just its origins. So, if you'd like to see why the Nissan Titan really stands out from the pickup truck crowd, don't hesitate to visit us at Hamilton Nissan to take the new Nissan Titan for a test drive today!

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