Here's How the Weather Affects Your Car's Battery

Here in the Hagerstown area, we enjoy a relatively temperate climate with changing seasons. Still, we frequently get temperatures below freezing in the winter, not to mention excessive heat during the summer months. But you know that. What you may not know is how these changing seasons can affect your car, truck, or SUV battery.

How Does the Cold Affect Your Battery?

Wondering why your car is having a harder time turning over when driving through Waynesboro, PA or or Winchester, VA in the winter? Think of what happens to the oil in salad dressing when you put it in the fridge – it thickens. The fluids in your car do this, too, placing excess load on your battery to get things going and start your car. What's more, the cold temperatures can sometimes even freeze the electrolyte solution within your battery.

How Does the Heat Affect Your Battery?

Like the cold, the heat, too affects your car's battery. Whereas cold slows things down, heat speeds things up for your battery. Though that doesn't always necessarily prevent you from starting your car like in the winter, it can wear down your battery's overall usable life by catalyzing corrosion, resulting eventually, in a dead battery and a vehicle that won't start.

Here's How to Protect Your Battery Against Premature Wear

So, with everything you've learned about how temperature affects your battery, what can you do to keep it from functioning sub-optimally or dying sooner? Follow these helpful tips and tricks, brought to you by the Hamilton Nissan Service Center battery experts:

  • Use manufacturer's recommended or OEM batteries
  • Keep your car in a temperature-controlled environment
  • Use a trickle charger when your vehicle isn't in use for extended periods of time
  • Ensure your battery terminals are clean and corrosion-free
  • Make sure the components that work together with your battery – like your alternator and electrical system – are working correctly
  • If in doubt about your battery's health, bring it to us here at Hamilton Nissan

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