If you have a vehicle that you're not using, selling it to our dealership can provide you with extra cash for the holidays, bills, or to buy yourself something nice. We'll make it easy for you to take advantage of our great offer and to get the cash you need for anything that you'd like. We'll go over the process, so you can get started and have the money before you know it.

All you need is a vehicle that's in your name, or the cooperation from the co-owner to sell your vehicle. We'll assess the vehicle to determine its value at our dealership. We review the title to ensure that there aren't any additional liens, and we'll pay off any loan amount that's still owed on the vehicle and provide you with the difference. It's important to note that your vehicle's value must exceed the outstanding loan balance, and any outstanding liens must be satisfied before paying you the remaining balance of the proceeds. After everything checks out, we'll cut you a check that's yours to do whatever you'd like with.

How Do You Determine the Value of My Vehicle?

We determine the value of your vehicle using a variety of methods. We'll physically inspect the vehicle to determine its condition. We'll take into account the age of the vehicle, its resale value under normal conditions, and the mileage. We may also use vehicle history reports to help assess the vehicle's maintenance and repair history. From this point, we'll typically have enough information to make you a reasonable offer.

How Long Does the Buying Process Take?

Once everything is in order, the process moves quickly. It's not uncommon for a simple transaction to be completed within the same day. If other parties are involved, once their cooperation is gained, you're one step closer to getting the cash you need for whatever you'd like. Contact Hamilton Nissan in Hagerstown, MD to get your vehicle's risk-free appraisal, today.

We are proud to serve drivers in Waynesboro, PA; Chambersburg, PA; Frederick, MD; Martinsburg, WV; and Winchester, VA.

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