New Nissan Electric Vehicles

It's safe to say that electric vehicles are not just things for the future anymore. With the focus on a better environment, electricity can be used renewable resource that is seen as a better alternative to gasoline. One of the most significant benefits is that they don't put emissions into the air and provide a smooth, quiet ride. If anyone is leading the way among the electric vehicle lineup, it's Nissan.  Here at Hamilton Nissan, we'll explore Nissan-made electric vehicles that are setting the bar high for their competitors.

2021 Nissan LEAF

The 2021 Nissan LEAF takes a whole new spin on a compact hatchback vehicle. It provides some exclusive features only found on this all-electric car, as listed below.

  • Zero- Gas emissions for a tranquil ride
  • Highly responsive acceleration that you'll notice when you press down on the accelerator
  • It has a floor-mounted battery, which helps stabilize a center of gravity to turn corners with ease.
  • An e-pedal allows you to have more control over starting and stopping smoothly with a single accelerator pedal.

Nissan LEAF Performance And Battery

The LEAF has the option of two different high-performance batteries. The standard 40 kilowatt-hour battery will provide a range of roughly 149 miles and output 147 horsepower. Your other option is the 62 kilowatt-hour battery that doesn't disappoint with a range up to 226 miles and  214 horsepower. No matter which option you choose, both promise a smooth but invigorating experience with the driver in full control. For added convenience, there are options for drivers to charge at home or on the go, with thousands of DC quick charging stations available all over the country.

Nissan LEAF Safety Features

Nissan's vehicles are known for their driver-assisted tech features that help keep drivers safe at every turn. The Safety Shield 360 is standard on all Nissan LEAF models, including automatic emergency braking, rear automatic braking, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, and high beam assist. In addition, an intelligent around-view monitor will make parking in city traffic more accessible than ever before. The LEAF also takes safety to the next level with available ProPILOT Assist, which can help navigate the stop and go traffic on a crowded highway and guide you to stay centered in your lane.

Nissan LEAF Amenities

The LEAF has plenty of added features for comfort and convenience, such as:

  • Heated front seats and steering wheel
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Rear door alert
  • Intelligent key

The 2022 Nissan Ariya On The Horizon- Second Half of 2021

The Nissan Ariya will be featured as the Nissan's first all-electric crossover/SUV. Some of its exciting features are listed below:

  • There will be the option for all wheel drive and two wheel drive
  • Thin LED headlights with an illuminated Nissan badge on the front grille
  • Tech controlled with voice commands
  • Dual 12-inch digital displays

Nissan Ariya Performance And Battery

The Ariya innovative options allow drivers to select two or four-wheel drive with one or two motors. The two-wheel drive vehicles have a 63-kilowatt-hour battery outputting 217 horsepower or the 87 kilowatt-hour producing 242 horsepower. If you decide to go with the dual-motor option, it can make up to 306 horsepower. There will be a performance model that cranks out an eye-popping 394 horsepower and accelerates like a gazelle reach 60mph in only 5.1 seconds. Depending on the combination you pick, the Ariya will be capable of a range anywhere from 211-310 miles. 

Nissan Ariya Safety Features

The Ariya is highlighted by an inclusion of the ProPILOT 2.0, which utilizes the latest technology to keep you safe. Some of these high-tech features are adaptive cruise control, guided lane changes, and hand-off driving for single lanes. You can customize your settings with the Heads-Up display as well. Also, it helps drivers approach sharp turns or roundabouts with more caution, slowing down with automaticity.

Nissan Ariya Amenities

  • Touch-sensitive icons are located on the dashboard for climate control, defogging the windshields, and more.
  • Large 12-inch dual touchscreens 
  • An innovative voice command system that allows drivers to be in complete control while paying attention to the road
  • Roomy bootspace for additional cargo stowing

Why More People Are Buying Electric

Besides the need never to fill up at the gas tank again, an electric vehicle can be less expensive to maintain. Enjoy the freedom of skipping an oil change or the tune-up to keep your car running at an optimal level. You'll also take advantage of other perks like preferred parking spots, HOV access on the highway, or even a tax break when it comes to filing for the year.

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