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Whether you're current Nissan vehicle is in need of some new tires or you're looking for a wheel alignment, our service specialists are here to help. Nissan-recommended tires are just what you need to increase the lifespan of your vehicle and keep it in the best condition possible.

If you're unsure of which kind to purchase, simply type in the year, model and trim of your vehicle into our tire finding tool and we'll recommend the best tires for sale. It's as easy as that. You can count on our experienced service specialists to know what's best.

As you're perusing the options, be sure to check out our current service specials. We often have deals on tire rotations, wheel alignments, and more. They change frequently, so anytime you're in need of some routine service for your vehicle, take a look to see what we have to offer.

Signs and Symptoms You Need To Service Your Tires: 


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Troubleshoot Tire Wear Issues You Are Having

Both edges wornUnderinflationAdd more air; check for leaks
Center treads wornOverinflationLet air out to manufacturer's specifications
One-sided wearPoor alignmentHave wheels aligned
Treads worn unevenly, with bald spots, cups, or scallopsWheel imbalance and/or poor alignmentHave wheels balanced and aligned
Erratically spaced bald spotsWheel imbalance or worn shocksHave wheels balanced or replace shocks
Edges of front tires only wornTaking curves too fastSlow down!
Saw-toothed wearpatternPoor alignmentHave wheels aligned
Whining, thumping, and other weird noisesPoor alignment, worn tires or shocksHave wheels aligned or buy new tires or shocks
Squealing on curvesPoor alignment or underinflationCheck wear on treads and act accordingly